• Continuous training

    Continuous training

    sharing and exchange of knowledge and values
  • Intellectual contamination, open-mind and coworking
  • Re-invent the working place

    Re-invent the working place

LM Space is a response to the need for technical skills and a means of promoting the continuous training of SMEs; a space that brings together and exchanges skills, and a network focused on innovation and specific training.



Technical training courses for the mechanical engineering and manufacturing industry, technical training, coaching, mentoring and tutoring.

Project engineering

Designing, prototyping, devising bills of materials with related analysis of production cycles, and calculating industrial costs.

Digital Transformation

We offer skills, services, products and software development to support the digital transformation of companies, smart manufacturing, and the Fabbrica 4.0 project.


International marketing development, market research, digital marketing, lead generation activities and social media marketing.


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